Tuesday, September 25, 2018
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Monocle helps you analyze business feasibility

Are you ready?

Monocle helps you investigate all the options, costs, and complications that can be easy to overlook. By taking you through a step-by-step process, Monocle can help demonstrate to you and potential investors or lenders the feasibility of your business plan.

By the time you finish with Monocle, you’ll know if your business concept has what it takes to be profitable. If it doesn’t, you’ll have saved yourself valuable time and money. If it does, your one step closer to starting your business.

Are you ready? With Monocle, you will be.


Monocle helps answer the questions you didn’t think to ask

What’s your plan?
Monocle helps give you a solid plan for the best chance at success. “Getting Started” is the first step. The step-by-step process asks you questions about ownership, controlling interest, and other operational decisions.

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Monocle brings structure to planning your business

How much?
Monocle is designed to help you consider every possible cost, fee and necessary purchase associated with opening your business. Step two is called “Building Your Business,” and it helps you count the costs.

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Monocle helps you know what to expect

Do you know the business side of your business?
Every business must make more money then it spends to be a self-sustaining success. Monocle helps you understand the numbers behind this necessary business expectation. Step three is called “Building Your Projections,” and it puts realistic numbers on your business future.

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Monocle helps demonstrate viability to potential lenders

Do you have the resource you need … to get the resources you need?
You only have one chance to make a good first impression with a lender. Monocle makes sure you do it right! Step four is called “Reports.” This is where all your business information comes together to create a virtual picture of your start-up needs. .

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